Buy A Fixer-Upper: 4 Warning Signs to Be Mindful of in Kansas City

More and more people are looking to buy a fixer-upper in Kansas City to flip or live in themselves. It can be an incredible investment, but as the buyer, you must always beware!

When investing in a fixer-upper,several factors demand attention. Nonetheless, here are four crucial aspects to stay watchful for!”

Inspect for Structural Integrity

Examine the foundation for cracks and indications of settling. If you detect a noticeable slant or observe cracks in the walls around doorframes and windows, it may signal foundation issues. A compromised foundation can accelerate the deterioration of your entire structure, resulting in a cascade of repairs that could become financially burdensome. Issues such as cracked walls, roof damage, and plumbing or electrical complications may arise. Engage a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of the foundation to avoid unforeseen and costly expenses.

Water Stains

Water stains often signify plumbing problems or a leaking roof. Addressing these issues can be costly and may result in additional damages and repair expenses. Beyond the repairs themselves, water damage can lead to substantial costs for mold remediation, new carpets, and more. Be vigilant for discolorations on the ceiling or walls near plumbing fixtures, as a long-unnoticed shower leak can inflict significant harm to the home’s structural integrity.

The discovery of a roof leak may hint at broader issues. Purchasing a home only to later find out it requires an entirely new roof can be a costly surprise. Water damage and the consequent repairs often represent significant expenses in home maintenance. To mitigate this risk, ensure a comprehensive inspection of the property, and engage in a conversation with the property owner regarding any prior problems. Legally, they are obligated to disclose any known issues with the home.

Observe the View from the Window

Better yet, examine the windows. Verify that they are double-pane rather than the outdated single-pane windows commonly seen in older homes. Even with insulated double-pane windows, there could still be issues with air infiltration. Keep an eye out for signs like window fogging or drafts seeping through small cracks.

These cracks can also provide an entry point for pests and bugs. A compromised foundation may result in settling, causing doors and windows to shift. Regardless of your climate, the condition of windows significantly impacts energy efficiency. Replacing windows throughout an entire house can quickly become a costly endeavor!

Indications of Overall Neglect

The saying goes, “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” If the home you’re eyeing exhibits cosmetic neglect, there’s a strong likelihood that the structural aspects have been overlooked as well. Consider the potential issues concealed behind those walls—faulty electrical work or a hidden bug infestation, matters that often elude detection during a home showing.

A seller will make sure the house shows no signs of bugs before you show up, even if there is a problem, it is likely to not be disclosed. There could be bad plumbing, or things fixed haphazardly to save money. Make sure you make sure any remodels, improvements or structural changes were done properly and are up to code.

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