Fixer-Uppers: How to Confirm You’re Securing a Bargain in Kansas City

Buying a fixer-upper presents a compelling alternative to purchasing a move-in ready home. When done correctly, it offers substantial cost savings and provides the opportunity to customize the home in ways you might not have initially considered.  Before committing to any property purchase, specific factors require careful consideration. Explore our latest blog to learn how … Continued

How To Fix Up A House in Kansas City for Profit

Join the “Fixer-Upper” Trend and Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Potential More and more people are embracing the opportunity to purchase a low-priced home that requires some tender loving care. With a little creativity and effort, you can turn a fixer-upper into a profitable investment or transform it into your dream home. Whether you’re looking … Continued

4 Disadvantages of Buying a Short Sale in Kansas City

At first glance, opting for a short sale when buying a house seems like an appealing prospect, particularly for investors. It frequently presents a chance to acquire a property at a price significantly below its usual appraised value. But before jumping in, you need to be aware of the disadvantages of buying a short sale … Continued

Buying a House | Drawbacks and Benefits of an HOA in MO

HOA’s often get a bad rap. In reality, they can help to provide a wonderful environment to call home. There are many benefits and amenities the come along with living in a community with an HOA, however, it’s not the right living situation for everyone.  In our latest post, we will discuss the drawbacks and benefits of an … Continued

4 Loan Programs to Help You Buy Investment Property in Kansas City

Funding for real estate deals is necessary for most investors to get started. Experienced investors take advantage of the opportunity to profit from using the funds when necessary to grow their investment business. Loans for investment property are more difficult to attain than for primary residences. However, if you do your homework, you will find … Continued