Weigh These 5 Site Characteristics Before Buying Raw Land for Development in Kansas City (64151)

Thinking about investing in undeveloped land? Explore this article to discover how to evaluate these 5 crucial site features before purchasing raw land for development in Kansas City (including the [market_zip])

Considering investing in land in the Kansas City area? Vacant land can be a highly attractive investment for many savvy investors. Before diving into a land deal, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate these 5 key site characteristics when purchasing undeveloped land in Kansas City.

Consider These 5 Key Factors When Purchasing Undeveloped Land in Kansas City

Site Characteristic #1. Legal Area

When it comes to vacant land investments in Kansas City, understanding property boundaries is crucial. Unlike residential areas with clear markers like fences and roads, vacant land can pose challenges in defining boundaries. It’s essential to precisely delineate your property lines before proceeding with any development plans to avoid encroaching on neighboring properties.

Site Characteristic #2. Zoning

When investing in real estate in Kansas City, it’s essential to understand how municipalities zone different areas to regulate growth. Zoning plays a crucial role in restricting undesirable developments like garbage dumps or noisy factories near residential areas. As an investor looking to develop land or sell to a developer, it’s imperative to know the property’s zoning regulations to determine what can be built on the site.

Site Characteristic #3. Drainage

During heavy rainfall, not all water immediately soaks into the ground. Understanding the drainage patterns on your property is crucial to prevent issues like a flooded basement in your future home. Where does the water go when it rains or snow melts? It’s essential to have this knowledge before embarking on any construction projects.

Please Note: While you can often adjust the drainage lines to some extent, it’s important to be aware of the existing drainage flow before constructing any new buildings!

Site Characteristic #4. Stability for structures

Exploring the potential of investing in vacant land opens up a world of opportunities. However, it’s essential to remember that not all properties are universal in their suitability for various purposes. The soil composition of a parcel is a key factor in identifying the perfect spot for future construction, dictating factors like ideal location and foundation depth for a stable and moisture-resistant build.

Site Characteristic #5. Path of growth

Looking for the prime location to invest in vacant land? Look no further than the upcoming development areas in Kansas City. The key to a lucrative investment is anticipating future growth – as demand surges for properties in the vicinity, the value of your land will escalate. Identify the trajectory of development to pinpoint your next profitable land acquisition.


Investing in vacant land has always been an intriguing opportunity. (After all, every piece of land was once vacant!) If you’re considering purchasing land in the Kansas City area, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate these 5 site characteristics before investing in raw land for development in Kansas City.

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